Checklist for your Authority resume

1. Include a list of your professional accomplishments: As a leader, you want to demonstrate your past successes and show how you’ve contributed to the organization.
2. Highlight your expertise: Make sure to include any relevant education, certifications, or other professional qualifications that make you an expert in your field.
3. Point out any awards or recognition you’ve received: Showing that your peers and colleagues think highly of you is a great way to stand out.
4. Explain your personal philosophy: What drives you? What core values do you carry with you into any professional endeavor?
5. Provide tangible proof of your successes: Use statistics and data to back up your claims and show your potential employer that you deliver tangible results.
6. Focus on measurable results: Demonstrate how you’ve driven growth or increased efficiency.
7. Provide personal references: Include the contact info of people in your network that are willing to vouch for your leadership capabilities.
Creating a leadership resume is an important step in any job search or career development process. With the help of this checklist, you can create a winning leadership resume that will open doors for you.